Hide Photos app Top 10 Best apps for Android , iPhone & PC

Hide Photos app Top 10 Best apps for Android in 2022
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We present Hide Photos app Top 10 Best apps for Android , iPhone and PC in 2022 :
Android phones capture all the details of our lives, including photos and videos that capture the most beautiful moments.
Especially with the availability of modern cameras or more accurate smartphones with high capabilities,
But those images can be very sensitive and private,
And it is not allowed to display it to the public or your phone may be stolen,
Which works as a safe inside which protects your photos and videos from theft or intruders,
while protecting them in a confidential and secure way.

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Best free app to Hide Photos :

Many people may search for the best photo masking software for Android on the Google Play Store,
For peace of mind or more security on personal and family photos as well as videos,
So we will present below a list of the most important programs to hide photos and videos,
Which has won the approval of many users, and they are as follows:

1- Calculator app to hide pictures for Android

Calculator app to hide pictures Photos and videos

It is one of the wonderful programs or considered the best program to hide photos and videos,
It is a program with the ability to hide photos or videos and get rid of intruders,
You can also use it as a calculator or hide and lock photos with your own password and retrieve them at any time quite easily,
Where the program arranges the images and then organizes them in terms of your preference,
It also has the ability to take pictures and shoot videos and then hide them inside,
Where the program has a smooth user interface in dealing,
It also got more than a million downloads on Google Play,
The application also has an image browser inside which you store them secretly and securely.

With the ability to choose your own password for complete security,
And you can use the program as a calculator to use at any time,
You can also store images on the application and when you open it, enter the password and then swipe to the right, just press the check mark that appears on the corner of the screen.

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2- gallery vault app for Android

gallery vault app for Android Hide Photos

It is a free application. All that requires you is Android 2.3.
The gallery vault app for Android is also considered one of the best programs to hide images for many users, due to its many features,
Such as the ability to hide photos and videos professionally, with complete security and confidentiality,
It also hides many of your programs and files, in addition to that:

It encrypts all files until they are retrieved by the user.
Supports hiding images in Glf format or similar.
It can hide an infinite number of media files from photos or clips.
Supports fingerprint or password entry of your own.
Supports night or dark mode.

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3- Private Zone app apk

private zone app Hide Photos and videos

This program is considered one of the most powerful applications to hide photos and videos and protect them with a secret number away from intruders,
It works with a fingerprint, and also helps to lock your applications from Facebook, WhatsApp and others,
Which prevents access to your personal conversations or messages.

The program locks the screen with a strong password, and also contributes to the fight against theft of your Android phone through the free ben service,
The application also helps in cleaning the phone and then freeing up storage and memory space while accelerating and improving performance,
And when an intruder tries to open any hidden application, the program takes a picture of that person’s face so that he can easily identify it.

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4- Keepsafe Photo app Vault

Keepsafe Photo app Vault

The application can hide photos or videos of up to 1000 photos,
You can also hide applications with a secret number and make a backup copy of files in case the phone is lost or stolen,
So, after you install the program, you will be logged in and a password is set and then confirmed.
Wait for the program to open to show the main interface, which includes two menus (Private and Shared),
For the private, they are the photos in the phone’s studio, and for the subscriber, they are your personal photos.

At the bottom of the application’s main screen, you will find the + sign and when you click on it, several options appear, and they are adding photos, recovering photos, and then taking photos,
Click on the option that suits you, it is a secure application that protects your privacy and works with fingerprint or password,
The program can also erase photos, and thus it is considered the best program to hide photos for Android, retrieve and share them,
It is worth noting that the application does not contain any annoying ads.

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5 – LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault
LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault

The locx app for Android is among the best photo hider software for Android.
Which you can use to save your important photos and videos from spying,
It also has the feature to lock and hide apps and then protect the gallery and games on your phone with a strong password,
You can also use more than one method to protect your phone, including creating a strong secret number with numbers or pattern,
The download of the program is limited to Android only with the latest versions of the 4.0 system.

The application is free and has a size of only 6.9 MB.
It has received user ratings of 4.4 out of 5, making it one of the best photo hider software for Android.
So, after installing the application from the download link, open it and click on start.
Then draw the pattern or choose a password from several strong numbers so that you can save photos and videos inside it, confirm the pattern, and then enter your email so that you can open the application in case you forget the password,
You can also skip this step from Skip, where you will then move to the program interface and you will find the appearance of all your programs,
And when you want to lock any of them, just press the lock button that appears next to the application.

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6 – LockMyPix Hide Photos app

LockMyPix Hide Photos app

LockMyPix is ​​one of the best programs for Android among many users, which works to hide photos and videos.
It comes in a size of only 7.1 MB and is suitable for all smart phone devices with its various capabilities.
Among the most prominent features of this application are the following:

  • The best free photo masking software for Android from fourchars.
  • It helps to hide photos and videos and then protect them from bullying or hacking.
  • The application is very easy to use, with a user interface that is smooth and then very simple.
  • You can lock the program with a fingerprint or a strong password.
  • The program supports storing all image or video formats.
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7 – AppLock app hide my photos

Applock app private photos and videos

AppLock for Android falls under the list of the best photo hider software for Android on the Google Play Store,
The program locks, preserves, and then secures photos and videos.
It is an application developed by DoMobile, which is well known,
Where the application appeared in 2012, and also won 300 million downloads in more than 150 countries,
The App lock application also supports 32 languages, and has been selected more than 200 times in Google Play among the useful applications for Android phones,
And more than that, this program has the following features:

  • Lock videos, photos, and apps with your fingerprint, pattern, or password.
  • Create a custom photo vault and lock it with a password.
  • The program supports a hidden browser to protect you from spying.
  • It also supports taking and hiding selfies.
  • It also supports hiding the lock mark that appears next to the applications.
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8 – Hide Something: photos, videos app apk

Hide Something photos and videos app apk

Hide Something app for Android has received many downloads for users which made it one of the best photo hider software for Android that protects your privacy.
This application comes in multiple languages and only 10.05 MB in size
It is developed by COLIFER LAB and is perfectly compatible with the Android operating system.
It also hides photos and videos with a fingerprint or pattern lock.
Finally, it supports hiding applications by sharing from the gallery of the program directly,
In addition to the following:

  • First, it supports all image and video formats, in addition to its support for Google Photos.
  • Secondly, it supports saving files in GIF format.
  • Third, the application has a feature to share photos and videos.
  • Fourth, it supports several fake modes to protect your privacy from any unexpected intrusion, which made it among the list of the best photo hider software for Android.
  • Finally, it gives you the possibility to recover the photos that you have hidden at any time you want.
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9 – Sgallery app hide photos & Videos apk

Sgallery app hide photos & Videos apk

Sgallery app for Android, which is the best photo hider app, helps you hide photos and videos and organizes them professionally.
Where the application got downloads of up to 532, and it comes in a size of 11.2 MB,
You can download it for free without paying any additional fees and with a direct link,
Where the application organizes media files in a distinctive way by arranging your photos and videos according to the date they were taken,
So you can search for it with ease.

The application supports Android devices with version 4.1 and later.
It is characterized by its ability to encrypt the photos and videos that you want to hide,
With the ability to hide the applications installed on your phone,
It also contains a secure browser to download photos and videos from within the program, and for more privacy;
You can hide the application icon so that it does not appear on the home screen of the phone. It also supports taking pictures and shaking the phone to close the application.
And do not forget that it supports locking photos with a password or a fingerprint,
It also has an elegant and easy-to-use calculator.

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10 – 1Gallery is the best alternative gallery app

Its name is 1Gallery and it is a unique application that works as an alternative to the gallery in addition to hiding them professionally,
In addition to maintaining your privacy, after downloading and installing the application, all the images in the phone’s gallery appear on the application’s interface and are divided according to their section of camera, Bluetooth, WhatsApp and others,
It features a locker to save images and hide them with a lock pattern or password, and a photo editor as well, which makes you able to edit the image, change colors, cut and others.

This wonderful program combines the features of the photo gallery and hiding programs at the same time,
It hides your photos and videos.
As well as hide important applications and files from driver’s license, credit cards, ID, etc.,
It also helps to encrypt all hidden images and files.
This is in addition to many other features.
Where you can use several types of access, including fingerprint, pattern lock, password,
Finally, it gives you the ability to organize images according to your desire, support for all image and video formats, search feature, create new folders, transfer and copy data, and more.

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